How to use the Bluetooth Controller or Multicolor Lights

Steps and Video below

Step 1: Open the app, you can find the app in the apps store of you phone or simply scan the QR Code that we included in your manual and in your device.

Once the app is open and your control box is connected to the RC car, turn on your RC first. Then tap on the icon shown in the image 1.


Step 2: You will find a list of devices linked to your phone, if you buy more than 1 set of lights or controllers, here you can rename it for a better experience when searching for RCs controllers. Click on the device name, it should take a few seconds and then it will connect to your controller.


Step 3: If everything works as expected, you'll see a closed link sign, then you can start controlling your device.

For troubleshooting please contact us, normally restarting your phone solves everything.