Rewards and Discounts

A few moonths ago, we decided to launch a points based reward system, it means that the more you spend in our website, the more you will save in future purchases, you can use your points anytime, please read below about the details.

How much can i earn?

Earning points is unlimited, you can keep accumulating until you decide to spend it on anything in the entire website.

How is the rate calculated in US Dollars?

For each $1 dollar you spend, you'll get 10 points, each point equals 1 US Dollar Cent, it means that once you spend $10 dollars, you'll earn $1 dollar. Please note that shipping costs will not count for reward points.

Get $5 instant discount for you and another $5 for your friends... how?

Recommend to a friend, get an instant discount of $5 and your friend also gets a $5 discount. Please note that you'll get your discount once your friend purchases the item, your friend will get the discount automatically before making the payment. You'll get it right after your friend makes the purchase.

What's the minimum threshold for spending my points?

You need to have at least 100 points earned before using them, it means that you should have spent at least $10 in your previous order.

Important Rules

Please create an account prior to making the purchase, otherwise your points won't be accumulated, creating an account takes 2 minutes and it's free!

Have any other question?, please text us to the phone number found in our contact page.